High Absorption Magnesium, 250mg (Cranberry Apple) - 60 chewable tabs

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Natrol High Absorption Magnesium uses a patented technology for greater absorption!

Magnesium is an essential mineral benefitting heart, nerve and muscle health. Some magnesium supplements are not easily absorbed by the body, meaning the minerals you need may pass through your body unused. Get more of what you need with Natrol High Absorption Magnesium!

Natrol High Absorption Magnesium features AbsorbSmart technology to bring you DiMagnesium Malate, a unique form of Magnesium that is manufactured using a patented technology and helps increase absorbability by our digestive system.

Benefits heart, nerve and muscle health
Supports bone health
Promotes muscle relaxation
No water needed! Cranberry apple with other natural flavors chewable tablet
No synthetic dyes
No artificial flavors or added preservatives