Chewable Vitamin C, Natural Cherry Flavour - 60 chewable tabs

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- Quick-dissolving sugar-free vitamin C chewable supplement.

- Non-acidic, buffered vitamin C from 100% calcium ascorbate.

- Great-tasting natural cherry flavor.

We know that thousands of people have a hard time swallowing big pills, making it difficult to add even the most basic nutritional supplements to your daily routine. That's why we've put one of the most important vitamins into a chewable tablet that makes supplementation easy and tasty. Our Swanson Premium Brand Chewable Vitamin C delivers a powerful 500 mg of immune system support in a sugar-free, rapidly-dissolving tablet featuring a delicious natural cherry flavor. Just two tablets each day will help you maintain a healthy defense system.

We also chose to use 100% calcium ascorbate to make this chewable vitamin C as non-irritating and as easy on your stomach as possible. This non-acidic, buffered vitamin C form is the favorite form for many vitamin and supplement users, and we think you'll agree. Easy to take and easy on your stomach... what a perfect match!