Dr. Formulated MD Protein Plant & Sustainable Salmon Powder, Creamy Vanilla - 644 grams

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Dr. Formulated MD Protein is a Friend of the Sea Certified salmon protein powder that is the perfect accompaniment to a Mediterranean diet. Available in a delicious Creamy Vanilla flavour, this plant and salmon protein powder is clean and contains sustainably sourced salmon protein from pristine Norwegian fjords, combined with plant protein from fava bean and pea protein.

Our Vanilla plant and salmon protein powder contains clinically studied oat beta-glucans, which have been shown to lower blood cholesterol.  It also contains olive leaf extract and live bacteria.

We produce high-quality protein from Norwegian salmon that has already been caught and harvested for other uses, which is part of a unique Circular Food System, meaning that no fish were caught specifically for this product.

Key Benefits :

    Mediterranean diet approved
    Lowers blood cholesterol [1
    Natural Olive leaf extract
    With Live Bacteria

Dietary Details :

    Soy Free
    Dairy Free
    Low in Gluten