Endurance Breathe, Blackcurrant - 1500 grams

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Endurance Velocity-Fuel Breathe
Carb & Electrolyte Energy Powder with Breathe Easy 1.5kg
30 Servings | 48g Carbs | 300mg Electrolytes | Breathe Easy

Endurance Velocity-Fuel Breathe is designed as a easily digestible and quick supply of energy, delivering 48g of fast absorbing carbohydrates and 300mg of electrolytes per serving with the addition of Applied Nutrition’s unique Breathe Easy formula, popular amongst users wanting to increase oxygen intake during exercise.

Endurance Velocity-Fuel Breathe can be mixed at various concentrations to suit your requirements, and can be consumed as part of a carbohydrate loading plan in the days and hours prior and during your training or event.


Informed-Sport Batch Tested for Athletes
Open your airways with Breathe Easy, delivering a fresh and cooling experience
Fuel for training & perfect for carb loading plans
Perfect for cyclists, runners & all endurance exercise
Fast absorbing highly-soluble carbohydrates
Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, non GMO & gluten free
Halal certified product