Endurance Recovery, Strawberry - 1500 grams

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Endurance Velocity-Fuel Recovery
Post Exercise Recovery Drink 1.5kg
Protein, Carb & Electrolyte Blend
30 Servings | 24g Carbs | 21g Protein | 7g BCAAs | 1500mg Electrolytes

Endurance Velocity-Fuel Recovery is at the forefront of modern day intense post workout fuel demands. Delivering 21g of plant based protein, 24g of fast absorbing carbohydrates and a crucial 1500mg of rehydrating electrolytes that helps maintain fluid balance in the body and can help prevent muscle cramps.

Endurance Velocity-Fuel Recovery is ideal for anyone participating in prolonged & intense exercise, refuelling your body with maximum levels of the key revitalising & replenishing components that it critically demands.

Informed-Sport Batch Tested for Athletes
Instant recovery, reduces the effects of DOMS (Delayed-onset muscle soreness)
Amazing taste & easy mixing
Halal certified product

Vegans & vegetarians
Gluten free & wheat free
Dairy free
Lactose free
Nut free