Gluten-Free Support - 90 vcaps

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Gluten-Free Support

Perfect for those living the gluten-free lifestyle, Gluten-Free Support offers powerful, highly active digestive enzymes that help break down components found in grains and dairy, including DPP-IV and other high activity proteases, specifically targeting gluten and casein. Saccharomyces boulardii and Bacillus coagulans are beneficial probiotic organisms that support healthy digestion and gut-related immune system function. Gluten-Free Support is a raw (no high heat used), whole food supplement that is Certified Gluten-Free by NSF and contains no synthetic binders, fillers, artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors or additives commonly used in tablets.

Gluten-Free Support Benefits:
    Supports healthy digestion of gluten- & dairy-containing foods
    Helps digest hidden gluten & dairy
    Provides essential nutrients typically deficient in those on a gluten-free diet
    Supports gut-related immune system function
    Certified Gluten-Free by NSF