Grass Fed Collagen Creamer, Chocolate - 342 grams

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Ideal for mixing in coffee, tea or for use in baking, this grass-fed collagen creamer combines MCTs from organic coconuts and coconut milk with type I and II collagen peptides. This helps to create a delicious, dairy-free creamer.

Incredibly rich and creamy, Garden of Life Collagen Creamer delivers 10g of grass-fed collagen, 9g fat from delicious coconut cream (MCTs), plus microbiomes for enhanced digestion in every serving.

    8.5g MCTs from organic coconuts promotes energy
    Microbiomes - Bacillus subtilis
    Two delicious flavours - Creamy Vanilla & Fair Trade Chocolate
    Igen Non-GMO tested, NSF Certified Gluten-Free
    Paleo Certified & Keto Certified