Magnesium with Vitamin B6 - 100 tablets

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Unique, convenient and cost-effective complex
Supports normal energy levels, and helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue
Supports muscle function
Vegan, Vegetarian, Kosher
Free from sugar, salt and starch

Magnesium with B6 complex is a convenient, cost effective formula. With the inclusion of B6, which contributes to hormonal balance, this formula is often recommended for women's health. The combination of magnesium and B6 provide a variety of general wellbeing benefits for everybody.
Magnesium contributes to:

    Energy release and reduction of tiredness and fatigue
    Normal functioning of the nervous system
    Normal muscle function
    Maintenance of normal bones
    Normal psychological function

Vitamin B6 also contributes to:

    The regulation of hormonal activity
    The maintenance of normal bones
    The normal psychological function