Optimal Curcumin, 250mg - 60 vcaps

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May help support the body’s healthy inflammation response
May help support cognitive health
May help support digestive health
May help support healthy eyes

Optimal Curcumin by Seeking Health now contains the world's most researched bioavailable curcumin, BCM-95. Curcuminoids are natural phenols that lend the vibrant yellow color to the turmeric root. It is also hypothesized that these active compounds in turmeric root may be responsible for many of the renowned benefits of this traditional tonic. Most turmeric supplements simply include dried turmeric root. Depending on the preparation, these products may contain between 18 and 41% curcuminoids. Optimal Curcumin, on the other hand, contains turmeric extract standardized to 95% curcuminoids. Research has shown that absorption of curcuminoids can be increased with the coadministration of fats. Our Optimal Curcumin product now utilizes the patented BCM-95 curcumin formulation that combines natural essential oils from turmeric to increase potency by 693%. In addition to supporting the body’s natural antioxidant defenses, curcumin may have beneficial effects on lipid (fat) oxidation, helping to support healthy blood vessels and circulatory health. Curcumin may also protect delicate ocular tissues such as the lens of the eye.*

Turmeric root may help support the body’s healthy inflammatory responses. Inflammation is a complex defense and repair mechanism that is activated in response to challenge by infectious or allergenic agents, injury, disease, and even aging. If inflammation is not properly regulated, it can produce damage to tissues and slow down the body’s normal healing and repair processes. Healthy inflammation responses are necessary for maintaining overall health and cell integrity.*

Tissues and genetic material may be vulnerable to free radical damage caused by factors such as environmental pollution, poor diet, and certain medications. Active compounds in turmeric may support the body’s natural defenses against these free radicals, helping to enable the body to protect itself against molecular and cellular damage. This cellular defense system may be especially important for protecting brain and spinal cord neurons which are responsible for maintaining healthy central nervous system function and cognition.*