Shadowhey Hydrolysate, Chocolate (EAN 5949106122726) - 2270 grams

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Shadowhey Hydrolysate - Anabolic Hydrolysed Protein contains 90% rapid-acting, high-quality protein and essential nutrients. Provides 22g of lean protein per serving. Contributes to growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Ideal for post-workout or a quick surge of highly bioavailable protein.
Shadowhey Hydrolysate is packed with a potent type of hydrolyzed whey protein which has the highest rate of absorption by the human body, which makes it a perfect choice for people looking to develop lean muscle mass faster. Shadowhey Hydrolysate is naturally rich in Amino Acids that aid the body in fortifying muscle mass and preventing catabolism.
- 0 grams of FAT per serving
- 0 SUGAR per serving
- Fast Acting protein
- 90% protein